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January 14, 2024

What an excellent solution to a previously awkward way of exiting the back of my Sprinter van. Now all i have to do when I need to exit the rear sleeping area, is push the conveniently located button switch which electronically unlatches the rear door for exiting. i used to have to reach down below the bed platform, and grope around for the factory release handle to open the rear door. Brilliant!

William Prince
January 6, 2024

I love my EZ-Exit. I definitely feel more safe having an easier time exiting through the rear door in case of an emergency. My sleeping area is high in the rear of the van. The way that I set up the EZ-Exit is with the push-button above the rear window on the door. All I have to do is hit the button as I push the door open instead of reaching down below and looking for the manual latch in the dark. The light switch adds an very convenient light (I have 2 lights) that really helps with loading in the dark. Many thanks to the helpful video for the installation.

Michael Sexton
June 10, 2024

I have been looking for a better table mount system. The new EZ-Exit Stowable table mount is innovative and has become our standard for our Transit builds. We use two mounts, one on each B pillar behind the driver and passenger seats. The 90 degree pivot makes it easy to keep the table mounted and opens up the space. Exactly what I have been looking for.