Q. How do I ground the LED lights?

A. To ground the LED light mounted in the door on either the 1 or 2 LED Lights kits, it is easiest if you attach the included bare wire to the 22awg white “-“ wire on the LED, to a provided 2 port WAGO lever connector and then connect the bare wire to the Solenoid bracket

Q. How much tension should I put on the door release cable that connects to the solenoid?

A. The cable should be just tight enough so that the plunger on the solenoid is fully extended from the solenoid and there is no slack. The internal factory release mechanism at the other end of the cable should remain in its neutral position. Be careful not to pull the release mechanism so tightly that the solenoid can’t pull on it. This will prevent the door from unlatching.

Q. Can I ground the black return wires on the switch and the LEDs to the door frame or the solenoid mounting plate instead of home running them?

A. Yes. As long as there is a ground wire of equivalent size directly from the battery to the van body.

Q. Do I need to fuse the switch and the solenoid?

A. YES! The solenoid, when actuated, pulls up to 20A. It is imperative to have a 20A fuse or breaker as close to the battery as possible to protect the circuit.

Q. I need a longer run than the 9′ solenoid wire supplied in the kit. What gage wire should I use to connect the solenoid to the battery?

A. You must use 10awg multi strand wire. (16awg wire is fine for the LED circuit)

Q. Is there any reason other than convenience to install the EZ-Exit Electric Pushbutton Door Release?

A. YES!  It is important that all the doors on the van be fiunctional. With most platform beds being installed at heights of more than 32″ it is almost impossible to reach the rear door latch. This means that someone can be trapped in the rear of the van if there is a problem in the living area of the van (like a propane stove fire).

Q. How do you lock/unlock the rear doors when you remove the factory original door latch.

A. With your van fob, just like you lock the front and sliding doors.

Q. Will the EZ-Exit Door Release override the factory lock mechanism?

A. No. If the door is locked with the fob than it must be unlocked with the fob as well.

Q. Is there phone support for installation problems?

A. Yes. If you have watched the video, looked at the wiring diagram, than phone support is available.

Q. Is there a correct amount of tension to put on the Door Release Actuator?

A. Yes. Please review the Door Release Mockup with Proper Cable Tension in the Manuals and Diagrams dropdown.