Door Release Mockup with Proper Cable Tension



WARNING! Pay particular attention to tensioning the cable from the Door Release Actuator to the Solenoid Plunger.

A.Draw cable tight enough that the Solenoid Plunger is fully extended and there is no play. The Plunger should stick out a little shy of 1”. Do NOT squeeze Crimp closed until you are sure that you have everything correctly hooked up. Even then, making the cable bend 180 degrees in the hole in the Solenoid Plunger should be sufficient. It does not matter which hole in the Plunger that you use.

B. Make sure, while tensioning, that Door Release Actuator lever stays to the right, as in the picture. If you pull cable so tightly that the Door Release Actuator is pulled to the left you will not be able to open the rear door after you shut it! If you do pull too tightly and the door will not open, slacking off the cable will release the Actuator back to its proper position.